I sing to create awareness and positive global change. Invoking healing, peace and transformation through the power of music, my intention and my lyrics.
As I grow and cultivate these things in my own life, my motivation is to inspire others to do so as well. If we can realize the true wisdom and compassion that is deep within us and if we genuinely come from a place of caring and compassion when relating to other people, I believe we can truly change the whole world.

    I strive to always bring you my best from the beginning of my song writing to my finished studio albums. I hope that this offering of intentional music will make a difference in your life and in the lives of those people who you choose to you share it with.



Two More Songs For My New Album 

   I just finished recording 2 more songs for my new album 'Freedom Reign.'  I'm totally thrilled with how these 2 turned out! I always feel like it's as if the songs take on their own energy when we start to lay them down. Each song kind of guides us where it needs to go and tells us what it wants to become. I can't help but feel like there is something bigger going on on another level. Every time I work in the studio with Marty, there is this kind of positive energy that happens. Its pure magic, that's the only way I can describe it!  I've been really happy with all the songs that we've recorded so far for the album, but I am especially in love with how these 2 turned out. One of the songs is the title track 'Freedom Reign' and the other is called 'Risin' Up'. I can't wait to share them with everyone!  I'll be uploading the new songs to my website soon so that you can listen and purchase downloads of the individual songs even before the album is released! 

      With Will and Marty Rifkin in the studio         
   It was awesome to work with my amazing producer Marty again, I just love that guy! He's so inspiring to be around and even though we work crazy long hours somehow always go away feeling super inspired about the next songs that we are going to record. In some ways its hard work, but we have such a good time while we're recording that it makes it feel effortless. Laughter and support are good for the spirit!  Now its back to pre-production for the next tunes that we will be recording............and always, remembering to find time to breath. :) 



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